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Roidapk.com is a website launched on 2020. This website provides all the relevant information about Android apps and games. You can easily download android applications and games from this website.


Ensuring a fast, safer software download experience to incite people all around the world. We provide most up to date collections of android apps and games. No extra efforts or extensions required.

We ensure all our fans a good way to regale mobile life. Roidapk is always ready to assist all our mobile app users to sort out their problems about android phones app updating, installing and many more.

Point to ponder

Roidapk.com is not integrated with google, Google play. All the android applications and games are personal belonging of specific developer and for home or personal purpose only.

Please keep in mind that Roidapk.com only propagates the organic and unique roidapk file for free aps. All the roidapk file is the same as in google play without any plagiarism or any other alteration.

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