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garena free fire apk

Garena Free Fire Apk:Winterlands

Garena free fire apk: battlegrounds game, the game is some thing like, having an enorumous battle among 50 players. They do fight by wepons, and have different resourseces to defeate them. The resoursece are include, wepons, vehicals, map, binocular, knife and have more battle wepons.

You’ll find two virtual pads both side of the screen, while  you have open it, that features’ll help you to control your character and while the right side pad is just for shooting.

To control your character in during the battel you just need the left pad, to take your character safe and secure by pushing your self down, looking at your competetors and taking action during the battle.

garena free fire

While the right one is just for fighting, like to change your characters weapon when the bullets are finished, to use vehicals to approach your enemies. When find, the competetors are far to you, than you use binicular to get them near to you. Although it provides more features expect PUBG.

This game increases your interst to play it more and more, you feel like to left the other battle related, however, It’s average players and battle time to less insteed of the pubg and other. The average players are included 50 while average battle time is 10 min.

Although, playground is full of green grass and having trees, mountains, homes, buildings, towers are surronded.

To servive more is the aim to win the game, by defeateing the rest. Knew how to use the features e.g. the control options included self control and shooting features to servive more. Probably, you could be familiar with garena free fire apk old version, so you could know the technics to defeat your competetors.

General Info about garena free fire

*Name:            Garena free fire

*Developer:    com.tds.freefireth

*apk size:        20Mb

*version:         1.44.0

*supported:    5up android version

*licence:           Free

*published:      2/20/2020

*Catagory:        Games

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