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Messenger Apk

Connect with friends and family, through messenger apk, best instant chat app, sign in into your Facebook account to continue messenger, chat with your friends, easy to access, mobile responsive, best features, a messenger is the most popular app in the world for online chatting purpose. The app is designed and developed by Facebook.

App Name Messanger
Apk Size 90 MB
Offered By Facebook
Downloads 8 Millions
Updated On April 1, 2020
Android Version 4.0 to up
Package Name com.facebook.orca
License Free


download messanger apk

download messanger app

Facebook Messanger

Facebook messenger or messenger apk both have the same meaning, both quires will show you the same app. Most importantly messenger app is a free android application. It’s free to download from google play store or you can download from google.

Although around 4 million users are active on Facebook regularly, all the active users are using messenger apk for their chating or conversation purposes. Because messenger is providing many ultra-important features while other apps don’t provide.

Whether you want to invite your contacts on messenger you can just sync your contact to invite them to chat on messenger, do a live chat with them. Even if you want to record the live chat you can able to record your conversation.

Although, you can create a group to chat with your group members, also do video and audio chat with them for free So enjoy chatting in a group.

Use messenger apk custom stickers and emojis to express your self, most importantly sent and share images, files, and videos with your friends and group members.

Promote your business through messenger, reach to your potential custom across the globe, and get customer feedback.

Best Features

Your story

Add the best image or video of your day or to add the best moment that happened with you, whatever you want better add in your story, and get a reply from your friends and family.

Chat Through Different Way

messenger apk will provide you many ways to chat with your friends, text message, voice message, audio call, video call, whatever medium you want you can. Do unlimited text messages with every friend either unlimited audio or video call for free, however, an internet connection is required.

Although, when you are active on Facebook, It will show your status active, while your friends can see your status and they can know that you are live on Facebook or messager, so whether you won’t show you the active status you can deactivate for a while.

How to download messenger apk

Now, It’s time to download messenger app for your android, however, messenger apk is available on play store, and other third-party websites too. roidapk is also provided you the updated link, below.

Download messanger apk


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