Minecraft Apk Download Latest Version 1.17.1 in 2021

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Minecraft Apk


Name Minecraft
ApkSize 90 Mb
Version 1.14.2
Offered By Minecraft
Downloads 19 million
Updated On April 10,2020
License Free/Paid
Supported Android
Android Version 4.0+

Minecraft pocket edition apk is an android game, is popular for 3D sendbox game. This is the upgraded version of Minecraft, this is actually a video game, where you’re alone or with friends on the journey. However, you might be in the jungle where you are in hurdles.

Minecraft apk
minecraft apk

General Information About Minecraft Apk

The name of this game is Minecraft Apk: pocket edition  and Its size is 90.0 MB. It’s available version is 1.14.3 supported for above 5 android versions.

Although Minecraft is free android app which can be transferred from one android to another through zapya and sherit. It has the following modes like creative and survival mode, you may have confused with these modes?

So in creative mode, Minecraft apk is providing many resources and techniques to make your competitors weak, to put them in obstacles, however, in survival mode, the players can build weapons to get protected, more ever, the can build a house for your accommodation.

You might think that Its an online game that requires internet connection?. But Minecraft pocket edition is an offline played game It doesn’t require internet connection. However, youtube goes runs in a slow connection.

This game had almost 256 million users created their account and enjoying this game. Apart from that 100k users searching regularly for this game you’re also one on them. 🙂

This game is pretty easy to play, however, Its important to learn before getting start. Its because you can’t defeat your competitors. One of the great benefits is that when you won the match more times then It will give you more features.

minecraft pocket edition

How to Download

when it comes to downloading we are providing the download link for Minecraft apk users who are getting interested in this game. Below this article you’ll find the download button once you clicked on the download button then It’ll download in your android mobile phone in less interval of time.

download minecraft apk to apk


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